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Leaking Tap Repairs

We at Grech services can help you fix the annoying leaking taps in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or outdoors taps, we can fix it all. Most of the times, we tend to ignore the leaking taps but, on an average, a leaking tap with waste 3 litres of clean water every day, imagine the saving on water bills if you repair your leaking taps and faucets. The leaking tap does not only waste water but it can also damage your property in the long term if not repaired in time.

The common problems for the leaking taps could be rusting or taps not being regularly cleaned. Most of the taps have filters inside them that filters and protects the water from debris or granular dirt, these filters need to be cleaned and replaced if the leaking problem continues.

If you want to the best way to prevent any water damage from the leaking taps, please give us a call today and one of our highly qualified team members would fix the problem from its root cause.

Leaking Tap Repairs
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